Looking at the word of God a much MUCH closer.

Shalom and welcome

The Hebrew Study Group is a scripture unpacking bible study that meets weekly on Thursday 8:00 pm-9:00 pm EST for truth seekers and scribes who are hungry for present truth and understanding of the word of God- as He intended. This will be a live video conference that you can join in from your tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop. It has been made very convenient for you to join in using IOS, linux, PC, Mac, or android. Please be aware that this is actual biblical Hebrew course, or Hebrew tutoring. This is a bible study from a Hebraic perspective.  You will learn some Hebrew words here and there, but the main goal is to give you a taste of the looking at the original intentions of biblical text to gain a better understanding of what you are reading.

DATES: 8:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Every Thursday.

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This class focuses on the behind scenes of scripture whereby making your learning experience fuller! This is what we call “connecting the dots” teaching.


The various ministries that Apostle Nabiyah Yehuda offers is just awesome.  She is continually amazing me with biblical facts that I didn’t know and when I research it, I find to be true.  One of her favorite sayings is “don’t take my word for it, research and find out for yourself.”  I actually do this when she posts these biblical facts.  So far, she has been on point.
Her knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the “Word” is untouchable as far as I am concerned.  She is very thorough in her research before she speaks or posts anything.  I have come to trust her acumen regarding the ancient scriptures and the true interpretations of Yehovah’s holy word.
Her knowledge of Hebrew is also very thorough.  Considering that this not her natural language, she has studied and continue to prove herself in this area.  The live videos of teaching Hebrew are very easy to follow and understand.  The choice of topics covered on the Prophetic Chatter is current and relevant today.  The Chamber Room experience is very relaxing and inviting and she has some great music playing.
My experience with Apostle Yehuda has been nothing short of amazing.  She is women truly after Yehovah’s heart and everything that she does in that regard is for the glorification of Yehovah.  I have gained understanding and knowledge from the books she has written and would highly recommend them to anyone that wants a better understanding and relationship with Yehovah.  I feel that she speaks truth at all times, even when others may disapprove.
Annette C. DonMartin