Don’t leave home without declaring what God has spoken. Here is a free download of Biblical declarations to say daily! Don’t leave home without it! We all know what God is saying about us, but what if we declared it on a daily basis? I have found that when I decree the word of God over my life I am superimposing the word of God over what people have said and in corrupted seed that the devil has planted. This brings about crop failure over what was said that did not align with the will of Yehovah in my life. The word is a remedy for anything that comes to disrupt. Scriptures are also included with the decrees. Also, note that I am using the name of the Lord. His name is Yehovah and it is a strong tower! The righteous run in and are safe. I use His name because He desires for us to know it and actually swear in His name. (Jeremiah 16:21, Deuteronomy 6:13) There are over 150 English translations of the Bible and none of them have His name due to the tradition taught to use the word, Adonai (lord). I do have a teaching on this  In the meantime, please feel free to download the link for His decrees about you!


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Yehovah has spoken. Say what He has said about you.