Apostle Nabiyah Baht Yehuda is servant of the Kingdom ordained under Pastor Eddie Mason of South South Christian Fellowship in McDonough, Georgia.  She is the chancellor of Behnee HaNabiim College, an online apostolic, prophetic, and scribe school that trains ministry leaders, truth seekers, and scholars, and identifies, refines and activates spiritual giftings.  She is also the founder of The Chamber Room Experience a traveling worship, teaching, building, and edifying set-aside time that brings people into intimacy with God, rekindles vision, and provides clarity of destiny.  Apostle Nabiyah has a heart towards the wounded (emotional, physical, spiritual) and works to heal that which has stood in the way of individual greatness and God-given destiny.  She is dedicated to building God’s kingdom one fallen or misdirected soul at a time through her apostolic, prophetic, and scribal ministry.


Apostle Nabiyah gave her life to the Lord August 22, 1998 in Brooklyn, NY  at the age of 35.  Since then God has taken and continues to take her on a journey of truth, intimacy, and revelation.  She is a scholar of the Hebrew language, and understanding how Hebrew is best used to truly reveal God's intent in his Word at its earliest form.  She is a graduate of Flag Nation by Apostle Joe Brown where refining her use of banners in worship and spiritual warfare.  She received her Masters of Divinity in 2015  from Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown, NY which, although she is not unificationist, it allowed her to learn in an interfaith atmosphere that helps her better understand and minister to those with different religious beliefs and backgrounds. 

She is an experienced scribe and author of 6 books her latest being Sowing Into Your Own Field-Investing in You birthed in October 2017 for potential leaders and  kingdompreneurs in mind.  She hosts a bi-weekly broadcast via Facebook and Periscope called "Prophetic Chatter" where she makes sure the heart and mind of God comes across with simplicity and sincerity through Spirit led interviews, conversations, and content.  She also teaches on Periscope daily bringing short spirit led teachings, words or encouragement, or any wisdom or revelation she receives from the throne room. Apostle Nabiyah maintains The Chamber Room radio station via Trugod.tv online providing free worship music 24/7  to set an atmosphere for intimacy and peace (http://www.truegod.tv/v/b872).


Apostle Nabiyah continues to be an example to men and women of living up to their full potential in Christ no matter the circumstance.   She is a multifaceted kingdom leader, a highly skilled General in spiritual warfare, a worshiper, trainer, mentor, and counselor.  She can host workshops or events pertaining to Hebrew, prophetic training, prophetic dance and movement, healing, spiritual warfare and deliverance, intimacy with God, understanding the apostolic, and more.  Apostle Nabiyah has traveled around the country to bring the message of the kingdom, how to operate in the kingdom, bringing light and fresh revelation to all people who are ready and willing to receive God's truth.

Favorite Quote, "I just work here...."



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