The 12 Mentorship Program


Do you feel frustrated? Do you feel like your stuck in the same place and you can’t get your footing? Do you dream of living differently? You are not alone. The solution is locked up on the inside of you and I want to assist in getting it out. I have designed a mentorship program called, the 12 and YOU are one of them. You are one of the 12 that have decided that you cannot stay where you are. Today is the day of transformation. Today is your day to change. Sometimes all you need is someone to cheer you on and hold your hand. I want to help you. I am committed to do that. Will you be committed to live the life that you are meant to live? The authentic you is waiting to be unlocked. ( SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN FOR PAYMENT OPTIONS)

How this works

I have 12 people at a time, but the community keeps growing. We turn mentees into:

  • Leaders
  • Mentors
  • Marketplace assigned vessels
  • Scribes instructed in the kingdom
  • Whole, healed, and delivered individuals

Your first 3 months you will receive access:

  • 1 hour access to me for a private video chat per week
  • Part of a private Tribal  Chat group: Yehuda Tribe (weekly accountability meeting)
  • Teaching video links for maintenance during the week
  • Weekly assignments given to assist with tracking progress
  • 20 % off classes on
  • 10% off hard copy books
  • Stretching assignments designed for pushing past your quit
  • LIVE video face to face meetings
  • Opportunity to connect!
  • One on one support

 Your investment:

$600 PRICE DROP FROM $1150!! This is kind of crazy, but is only temporary insanity, So get in quickly, before the meds take affect! Listen, not only will you get all this, but you are welcomed in this community for a LIFETIME!  You will have access to:

  • Private Tribal Chat Facebook group
  • LIVE video and teleconferences meetings
  • Accountability sessions meetings
  • Stretching assignments
  • 20 % off other classes offered
  • Events

You can have the support you need for as long as you stay within the tribal community!  Family and community is so important. We also have to be a people who understand sowing into your own field! You have sowed into others, but you don’t think you are worth sowing into?

Here is what some have said. “Apostle Nabiyah is much more than a mentor. She has been a teacher, a Prophet, a counselor, and a friend.”  Evelyn Westchester,N.Y.

” I have gained so much confidence that I now see what I have been missing! I have been truly unlocked .”  Rancine, Long Island N.Y.

Apostle Nabiyah has such a heart for people and it is seen in the way that she teaches.” Yolanda Brooklyn N.Y.

She has taught me, lifted me, and I am totally transformed from where I was a year ago. I have grown from that initial unlocking. The time spent with her has been so fruitful and now I am an author! Her Hebrew word study has been amazing as well.” She has been an encouragement in my life..”  Debbie, Covington Ga

So here it is, laid out and made plain. Will you invest in yourself? Or will you keep your life on hold. Remember, people are waiting on what you have to offer and they want to see the authentic you!

I want this new life now! Pay one and done.

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Nabiyah Yehuda

Apostle Nabiyah Baht Yehuda began her journey with the Lord in 1998 and has never turned back. She is a poet, scribe, prophetic movement officer and Hebrew teacher, proclaimer of truth and mother. She has authored four books by way of Holy Spirit. Books include, An Audience of One; the Purpose and Necessity of Prophetic Movement, Audience of One; Intimacy, Master Keys Belong to Master Scribes, and The Prophectic Voice of the Hebrew Language. As Garrison Commander, her charge is to train up those that hear the clarion call and to prepare them for spiritual warfare. She gives wisdom and strategies for protecting that which matters most to Yehovah, and to do it in love. Her love for people has caused her to develop the "Reclaiming your Voice; Healing Through Movement" program.