Hebrew Journey of the Scribe

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Have you ever:

  • Wanted to study the Scriptures in the original Hebrew, but gave up because you thought it would be too hard?
  • Are you tired of finding inconsistencies in the word?
  • Do you need clarity from the RIGHT translation?

This full 10 weeks course is going to be an amazing and fun journey of fellowship and learning. No longer will you get a faulty interpretation from westernized Bibles. You will receive a FULL understanding as the Bible opens up. Why? Because you valued the word of God enough to immerse  and invest in His language.

This course will include recordings for you to go over if you miss class. Here is what you receive: The kings’ kids meal: 10 weeks of kosher studies begins February 12th in the evening.

The kings’ kids meal: 10 weeks of kosher studies Sunday evening 9 pm est

  • Understand scribal ministry- God’s heart about publishing
  • You receive a one on one scribal needs analysis with Apostle Nabiyah
  • Learning the Hebrew alef-bet. A E I O U and sometimes Y how Hebrew vowels work.
  • Pronounce God’s true name by the process of elimination. יהוה
  • How to looking up words beyond the concordance
  • Torah Portions- Going over particular scriptures to uncover Gods’ original meaning.
  • Learn how to get passed the Western mindset to the mind of Christ.
  • How to use the best electronic and hardcopy study resources.
  • Judaism 101 Learn why you should not incorporate modern day Pharisees activities into your life and how they come to add and take away from the Bible and much more historical facts.

*Recorded teachings that you keep FOREVER! I will hold your hand to make sure your pronunciations are on point!

This course is for:

  • Leaders
  • Lay people
  • Those who desire to remove the block of mistranslations



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Nabiyah Yehuda

Apostle Nabiyah Baht Yehuda began her journey with the Lord in 1998 and has never turned back. She is a poet, scribe, prophetic movement officer and Hebrew teacher, proclaimer of truth and mother. She has authored four books by way of Holy Spirit. Books include, An Audience of One; the Purpose and Necessity of Prophetic Movement, Audience of One; Intimacy, Master Keys Belong to Master Scribes, and The Prophectic Voice of the Hebrew Language. As Garrison Commander, her charge is to train up those that hear the clarion call and to prepare them for spiritual warfare. She gives wisdom and strategies for protecting that which matters most to Yehovah, and to do it in love. Her love for people has caused her to develop the "Reclaiming your Voice; Healing Through Movement" program.