Moving past your past- soul salvation Journaling

This course is designed from the scribes perspective in the Lord. We will be journaling through in order to break through those barriers that keep Gods prophetic flow from streaming. This is a SAFE community as well as sacred. In this course, students will find just how healing journaling can be. Many men and women are discovering that there are broken pieces within them that have been hindering them from progressing forward into destiny. Apostle Nabiyah shares the 3 keys to breaking free from a fragmented soul in her 5 (FIVE) week course. Scribe school teaches that writing leads to discovery!

THROUGH JOURNALING!! Apostle Nabiyah shares the 3 keys to breaking free from a fragmented soul in her 5 (FIVE) week course. Participants will learn through journaling, Bible application, and prayer about the various ways that trauma and brokenness come about and how to recognize when and how it is affecting ministry and relationship building as well as how it affects the relationship with the Lord. Students also learn how drawing closer to God will bring about healing and salvation in the inner soul.

Begins the last Saturday evening in August 2016 27th at 7:45pm

  • Toxic relationships – Sabotaging
  • Soul cleansing scriptures
  • Worship that releases
  • Identify soul hurts
  • Breaking off soul ties
  • Emotional tethering
  • How to override bad habits (decisions)
  • Accountability
  • Recognize God’s ability  in you.
  • You are more than your gifts


Register by clicking the picture above. Take the next step in your soul salvation and walk in liberty. Classes begin Saturday 3/19/16  Apostle will send you a pdf of the teaching and there will be a recording made available to you!




Nabiyah Yehuda

Apostle Nabiyah Baht Yehuda began her journey with the Lord in 1998 and has never turned back. She is a poet, scribe, prophetic movement officer and Hebrew teacher, proclaimer of truth and mother. She has authored four books by way of Holy Spirit. Books include, An Audience of One; the Purpose and Necessity of Prophetic Movement, Audience of One; Intimacy, Master Keys Belong to Master Scribes, and The Prophectic Voice of the Hebrew Language. As Garrison Commander, her charge is to train up those that hear the clarion call and to prepare them for spiritual warfare. She gives wisdom and strategies for protecting that which matters most to Yehovah, and to do it in love. Her love for people has caused her to develop the "Reclaiming your Voice; Healing Through Movement" program.