The 12 Life Coach Mentorship Program

$ 600

  Do you feel frustrated? Do you feel like your stuck in the same place and you can’t get your footing? Do you dream of living differently? You are not alone. The solution is locked up on the inside of you and I want to assist in getting it out. I have designed a mentorship […]

Hebrew Journey of the Scribe

$ 109.99

    Have you ever: Wanted to study the Scriptures in the original Hebrew, but gave up because you thought it would be too hard? Are you tired of finding inconsistencies in the word? Do you need clarity from the RIGHT translation? This full 10 weeks course is going to be an amazing and fun […]

1 lessonBeginner

Journaling Through Soul Issues

$ 69

Write your way to freedom! There is a breakthrough on the other side of your pen! Apostle Nabiyah is sharing and teaching on the many hidden issues that have kept members of the body of Christ from moving forward in the liberty that Christ came and died for. Join us for a deeper look into […]

The Hebraic mind of Christ 3 month Course

$ 750

  We will be teaching this course for those that want to get their feet wet in a three- month class. The goal of this course is to get the student to recognize not just the Hebrew writings but to also understand how these letters work prophetically. This is not just your garden variety course […]


Moving past your past- soul salvation Journaling

$ 149

This course is designed from the scribes perspective in the Lord. We will be journaling through in order to break through those barriers that keep Gods prophetic flow from streaming. This is a SAFE community as well as sacred. In this course, students will find just how healing journaling can be. Many men and women […]


Scribe School 101

$ 150

Scribe School 101 in a course designed to take your from being what I call a scribbler to a scribe. What is a scribbler? According to the dictionary it is a person who writes as a hobby or for a living. The definition of scribe from a biblical perspective is someone who is trained to […]


Audience of One

$ 125

Video on how to navigate through the canvas platform. Post video on TOP RIGHT to hear video. Pause music at the top right to hear video! This 6-week  course is designed to carry you from where you are to where you need to be as it pertains to intimacy with God. Prophetic ministry and hearing […]

3 lessonsBeginner